Giving people with mental ill health the chance to thrive

  • Mental health services in England cost an estimated at £22.5 billion a year with a further £48.6 billion a year in costs due to loss of employment.
  • In Lambeth in March 2008, 3 941 patients were known to primary care to be experiencing severe mental illness as they were recorded on practice seriousmental illness registers.
  • There is strong evidence to suggest that work is generally good for physical and mental health and wellbeing, taking into account the nature and quality of work and its social context.

Lambeth Giving Fund will be supporting Mosaic Clubhouse and Acre Lane Hostel, both of which provide a chance to thrive for people with mental ill health.

Mosaic Clubhouse provides opportunities for individuals (Members), who have been socially and vocationally disadvantaged by mental ill health, to regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead productive and satisfying lives.

The Acre Lane hostel in Brixton aims to give their residents a stable and supportive environment from which they can eventually move into independent living.