Improving quality of life for our older neighbours

  • According to a report by MIND, across the UK 84 per cent of people with mental health problems and almost one third of the general population feel isolated.
  • Over half of Lambeth residents live in areas classified as being amongst the fifth most deprived areas in England. Life expectancy is shorter in these areas than in other less deprived parts of the borough.
  • It is important for older people to stay fit and healthy through nutrition and exercise.

Lambeth Giving Fund is supporting Basaira Elderly Centre and Stockwell Good Neighbours, both of which are helping older people in Lambeth to have a better quality of life.

Basaira elderly centre supports the elderly, frail, disabled, isolated, mentally unwell and housebound and is renowned for providing regular hot, healthy (and delicious) luncheons to over 50 members of the local community, in particular those of South Asian descent. .

Stockwell Good Neighbours has been operating since 1978 and aims to provide a wide range of social activities and projects to benefit people's health and well-being and prevent social isolation.