Opportunities for our young people at risk

  • More than 52% of 19 year-olds are lacking level 3 qualifications in Lambeth.
  • At least 17,000 children are living in poverty and 1 in 4 live in lone households.
  • A recent report has calculated that about 21% of children and young people in Lambeth (12,000) could be living in ‘severe’ poverty. This ranks Lambeth 18th amongst the 22 Local Authorities with the highest child poverty rates in England.

Lambeth Giving Fund is raising money to support two charities which have stood out for their approach, commitment and track record of helping young peole at risk in the borough to have better lives and futures.

In the Loughborough Junction area of Brixton, Ebony Horse Club are working with and engaging young people through horse riding.

YourStory are an alternative education provider specialising in motivating young people who are disengaged from school, from family life, from society, and from the chance to succeed.